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We offer these tips to take care of your baby's jewelry:

We use18Karat gold, diamonds, and gemstones that require special care to maintain their original form and do not get damaged by keeping them in a special case or fabric bags so that they do not get scratched. Jewelry should not be exposed to aromatic or chemical substances.


Diamonds Care Tips:

Diamonds are one of the most precious stones prone to scratches, therefore, be careful while wearing and storing them. Also, it is preferable to store the diamond pieces separately so that they do not get scratches and affects its appearance by placing it in a special box or in the fabric bag that comes with it.


Gemstone Care Tips:

Gemstone should be given special care by not exposing them to chemicals while wearing them. You can also clean the gems with warm water and a lint-free fabric. It is also preferable to store each piece separately in fabric bags.


Pearl Care Tips:

Pearls need special care so that they do not get damaged. You can clean the pearls with wet (with water) lint-free fabric and expose them to the air until they dry before restoring them. It is preferable to store the pearls separately away from the rest of the jewelry so as not to scratch.


Enamel Care Tips:

The colored (enamel) is a polished glass treated in a special way, and it is vulnerable just like glass. Enamel may scratch, chip or fade faster than expected when exposed to water, perfumes, cosmetics, lotions, shampoos or soaps. The enamel should be treated with extra care; Exposure to heat or humidity directly affects it.