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Pink Butterflies

Earn valuable "Pink Butterflies" with each online purchase and save them for the next order. Welcome to Pink Butterflies..!

How do you earn Butterflies?

Simply create a customers account and become a member by signing up, placing an order or engaging. Build your Butterflies accelerator to redeem exclusive rewards!

1 Butterfly (point) = 1 SAR

Kindly find the details of the loyalty program 

• 2500 Butterflies - 5%off
• 5000 Butterflies - 10%off
• 7500 Butterflies - 15%off
• 10000 Butterflies - 20%off

How do you redeem your Butterflies?

Log in to your account on our site and click on the launcher to open the Pink Butterflies panel. 

Next, click on All Rewards. 

If you don't have enough points to redeem, you will see a progress bar on the right on how far you are to redeem your Butterflies.

We wish you a happy shopping experience with us! 

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