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Baby Fitaihi is proud to showcase a collection of fine jewelry sets for the child - "Jouri".
"Jouri" is a product design inspired by a beautiful rose flower from the historic city of Taif in Saudi Arabia, with the scientific name “Rosa Damascena Trigintipetala”.
Blessed with a refuge climate from the deserts heat of Saudi Arabia, the highland heaven of Taif is one of Saudi Arabia’s fruit baskets, as well as a popular summer resort. Taif’s favorable temperatures, plentiful groundwater, and fine topsoil have combined to earn Taif the name "City of Roses”.
For more than 600 years, the city of Taif has been well known for perfumery from flowers producing more than 300 million flowers every spring; thus some of the world’s most expensive rose oil and rose water, which is mixed into expensive perfumes. 
This beautiful flower reflects the natural pure love bond between a child and her mother. Baby Fitaihi is proud to represent the culture, heritage, and beauty of Saudi Arabia by introducing this marvelous flower as fine jewelry.
Simplicity yet intricate and purposeful designs distinguish Baby Fitaihi jewelry, which are best represented by these sets.